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Affordable Home Care's Vision, Mission and Values


To be recognized as a leader in client dedication, integrity, quality and excellence in home care. For those who work with seniors, that means understanding the key health, social and financial factors that are important to seniors—and how these factors work together, then think about Affordable Home Care, LLC.  We will be the best premier provider of  non-medical services in your community. From our family to your family, from our business to yours, we will be there. Any time, any place and at any circumstances.

All Georgian's will have access to the Non-Medical  and Social Services that enhance their quality of life and
support their ability to live in a place they call home. Living at home and participating in the community brings a
sense of self-worth, pride and accomplishment. When illness, disease or injury strike, one's lifestyle may need to
change temporarily or permanently.  Independence is important to everyone regardless of age.

Affordable  Home Care, LLC. is committed to providing the highest quality non-medical home care services and treating all clients, of all ages, with dignity and respect. 


We give "peace of mind" to our clients by providing the highest quality homecare services to families. We empower our team to live our values and provide compassionate care and service. Any time. Any place.  Any occasion.



We provide affordable quality home care.                                     
We take genuine care of people

We are a good neighbor in the community
We treat one another as we would like to be treated.

We tell the truth, reliability and honesty                                                

Our actions are kind and considerate              
We preserve the quality of life


We achieve results together
Team Work
1 for all and all for 1
We share success


To adhere to the laws and principals governing the home care industry in Georgia
We always strive to be the best and provide the best value


We're always there
We take care of our clients and their needs - 24/7


We represent professionalism
We deliver solutions

We do what we say
We preserve the quality of life 


 Doing excellent work is doing work that is seen by the customer and consumer as meeting and exceeding contract expectations. Excellence is most noticeable in the small things.

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