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Life-Saving Tips for Seniors

  • Complete a medical record. Include every medication, over-the-counter products (such as aspirin), vitamins, herbs, and natural
  • remedies you take regularly. Keep copies in your home, car, and wallet.
  • Program your cell phone. Record two emergency contacts under the headings of "ICE 1" and "ICE 2." ICE is the universal symbol for "in case of emergency" that emergency workers look for when rescuing someone.
  • Sites to Help You Brainstorm Activities

    If you want to read more about creating activities that promote dignity using an elder’s past interests, peruse the following Web sites to help stimulate your creativity.

    Or try these Web sites for activities that are more cognitive, including brain games, IQ tests, logic puzzles and more:

    The Alzheimer's Association

    A Senior's Guide to Good Nutrition Covers topics such as "What if I have No Appetite?" Should I Take Supplements?" and "Handy Hints for Quick Meals."

    Administration on Aging's ElderAction Visit this page for a wide range of health-related articles, from foot care and prostate problems to sexuality and high blood pressure.

    Eldercare Web Links to health care providers and organizations, as well as sources of general medical and health and wellness information.

    National Osteoporosis Foundation Offers useful articles on bone health, osteoporosis prevention, and risk factors.

    The Retirement Research Foundation Retirement Research Foundation, based in Chicago, is the nation's largest private foundation exclusively devoted to aging and retirement issues.

    General Health Care Resources

    American Diabetic Association
    American Heart Association
    Arthritis Foundation
    HIV/AIDS Network
    Hospice Care Network

    Government Agencies

    National Council on Aging Benefits Checkup
    Social Security Administration
    US Veterans Affairs

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